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  • Health & Beauty Range: Face Soap

    CMJ sells a number of Dead Sea products. The Dead Sea is known to be mineral-rich and has many benefits for our skin.

  • Just for Fun!

    The perfect time for the camera to capture Jane’s adoration of the visit of the Rabbi to CMJ UK…. Or maybe she was mopping up spilled water… We’ll let you decide!!

  • GUEST POST: Prejudice against Jewish Believers in Jesus

    In this guest post, Bobbie Ann Cole explores Mainstream Jewish prejudice against Jewish believers in Jesus.

  • Fabulously Busy Passover Season!

    The Easter weekend saw CMJ lead a number of Passovers at Churches across the UK, as Christians seek to understand the Hebrew roots of Jesus’ death & resurrection. Below are a snap-shot of some of the Passover Seders & Demonstrations.

  • PURIM & EASTER Powerful Examples of God's Salvation

    This year, Purim and Easter collide in a beautiful demonstration of the power of God. Click here to find out more!

  • Our True Dwelling Place

    On Monday 14th March, 2016, the UK Team took the day out to seek God and spend the time in His presence together, with the focus being “Our True Dwelling Place”. The day was led by the CMJ UK Chaplain, and his team, and we were so blessed by what they presented, as we focussed on God’s word for us as a team.

  • Book Review: Love Triangles by Bobbie Cole

    Steph reviews the book, “Love Triangles” written by Messianic Jewish Believer, Bobbie Ann Cole. To find out if this is a book for your collection, read on.

  • GUEST POST: How a Jew Came to Love Jesus

    Bobbie Ann Cole, a Messianic Jew, is a bestselling writer, teacher and speaker who has lived in Israel and worked for Messianic congregations, including with CMJ at Tel Aviv. Her experiences, have inspired her latest book, “Love Triangles, Discovering Jesus the Jew in Today’s Israel” from which today’s post is adapted.

  • Guest Post: Christchurch, Jerusalem, foundation laid #otdimj 10th February 1840

    On February 10th, 1840, Christ Church, Jerusalem was commenced on the old foundation of a high wall built on the solid rock of Zion, and by the end of March the building was raised to the first story. Shortly afterward, the work was interrupted by the death of Mr. Hillier…. Find out what happened next by clicking here

  • How Do We Know God Loves Israel?

    In this month’s guest blog, with thoughts turning to love as Valentine’s Day approaches, Bobbie Ann Cole takes a look at how we know that God loves Israel.

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