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  • Gospel to the Gentiles

    How a hot seaside property unlocked the door to the nations. By Charles Gardner

  • 31st October – Destiny’s Date? A Synopsis

    On the 31st October, four history changing events occurred; in Wittenburg 1517, Jerusalem 1898, Beer Sheba 1917 and London 1917.

  • The Miracle of Modern Israel

    Walking in the steps of the prophets, patriarchs and Messiah

  • Trip to Gateshead

    Alex Jacob recently visited Best Yeshua Messianic congregation to speak at their main 2017 conference and to join West Street Fellowship in Crewe for their Sunday service.

  • October Staff Lecture

    CMJ trustee Rosa Blandford joined us at the office for our October lecture.

  • Conference Handout

    The handout from Ralph Goldenberg’s conference talk.

  • A Precious Passing

    Gentile who saved Jewish lives receives crown of righteousness

  • When the fig tree blossoms

    The significance of Israel’s restoration in the light of world events.

  • Pentecost power for service

    Arabic message in tongues confirms calling for Jewish vicar. By Charles Gardner

  • Bible Comes to Life in Southwell

    The first of the relaunched Bible Comes To Life exhibitions came to Southwell recently. Over the four day event we hosted around 650 people including 150 primary school children. Find out more about this excellent adventure offered by CMJ UK.

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