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  • Question About the Old Testament

    One of the good things about working with young people, is the questions they have! This morning, Steph received a message from one of the YP we have connected with: “When you read the Old Testament, what sort of things do you keep in mind?”

  • CMJ Big House Study in Aylesbury

    On Monday 18th January, Steph had a fantastic night with the Youth Bible Study group of Church of the Holy Spirit, Aylesbury.

  • CMJ Big House Weekend

    Following the success of our first ever Big House youth conference, we are holding our second Big House weekend from 22nd - 24th July.

    This year, with TWO streams!

  • CMJ Big House at Tewkesbury

    What do you do when you know you have to come up with something creative and engaging for children aged between 7 and 14 under the title, “A Daniel and Esther Experience”? A pantomime of course!

  • Success of the Youth Conference

    The First ever CMJ Big House youth conference was held alongside the CMJ Annual Conference and was a great success from which we can grow and develop this new event.

  • CMJ Big House Youth Conference

    Be a part of history in the making: Be a part of the first EVER CMJ Big House youth conference.

  • CMJ Big House: Rugby Christian Fellowship

    CMJ Big House were also at Rugby Christian Fellowship!

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